Campus Auxiliary Services - IT

Requesting Service from IT

SATech can assist with your computer problems, network problems, phone issues, requests to purchase or borrow equipment or any questions you may have about technology. There are three ways to request IT service:

  • Please navigate to our support portal and create a ticket.
  • Call the helpdesk at (312) 413-5135 .
  • Visit the SATech office located on the eighth floor of Student Center East Tower. To get to the eighth floor, take any of the elevators to 7, go left out of the elevator and use the secondary elevator to get to 8.

We will generally:

  • ask follow up questions, including asking for the specifics of any error message,
  • request to connect to your computer remotely, or
  • try to find a time that's best to come to your workspace.

For some IT services we ask that you submit a form, those services are listed below: