CAS Student Employee Hiring Process

  1. Complete the Student Employee Requisition by entering the following information:
    • Student's PERMANENT Address and UIN
    • Banner Position Number & Requested Position Title
    • Requested Effective Date (beginning of a pay period)
    • Starting hourly wage
    • Supervisor's name, campus address, and contact information
    • FOAP information
    • Check all "required" boxes on form
    • Include number of working hours
    • Authorizing signature
  2. Once the requisition has been completed send a copy of the signed Requisition to Student Affairs Human Resources by completeing the online form to submit the ticket.
  3. Send the student with the original requisition and acceptable identification to the Student Employment Office located in the Student Services Building, 1200 W. Harrison, RM 2100 to complete employment paperwork. (For listing of acceptable ID go to the Student Employment website: Employment Eligibility Verification)
    • International students must complete their I-9 paperwork at the Office of International Services before taking their Student Requisition to the Student Employment Office.
    • If a checklist has not been received within 3-5 business days of paperwork being completed, please email or call ext. 5-3357 to follow-up with the Student Employment Office.
    • If a physical is required, please fax the student's Health Clearance to Student Employment at 3-7944. The student will remain in a "hold" status until the clearance is received.
  4. Once Student Employment clears the student for hiring, they will send an email notification to Student Affairs Human Resources and Payroll Services. The student should not begin working until they have been cleared by Student Employment and the student's supervisor has been contacted by CAS Payroll Services with a start date.
  5. CAS Payroll Services will enter the student employee into the KRONOS System once they receive confirmation that the student has an active appointment in Banner. Again the student employee supervisor will be notified by email by CAS Payroll Services once the employee has been cleared to begin working.

Additional Information

  • Newly hired student employees who DO NOT have a social security card or birth certificate must obtain one before they are cleared to work.
  • If a graduate student is being hired for an hourly position, the individual must inform their supervisor if they have, or later accept, a graduate assistant position.