CAS Civil Service Hiring Process

  1. The CAS Department submits a New Hire Request Form and Job Description to CAS Human Resources.
  2. CAS Human Resources calls the hiring manager to discuss the details of the New Hire Request.
  3. CAS Human Resources submits the New Hire Request Form to Susan Kovacs via Hire Touch. Once approved by Rex Tolliver and Dr. Henley, a Requisition must be completed and submitted for approval. Hiring manager will be contacted for specific information including employee’s work schedule and supervisor.
  4. CAS Human Resources submits the Requisition for approval. Once approved, the position will be opened.
  5. CAS Human Resources works with Campus HR regarding next steps :
    • Determine Register status. Re-employment, Original Entry, or Transfer (Applicants on the Register have 7 calendar days to respond to an open position)
    • Advertising need discussed
  6. If the position is advertised, it must be placed on the UIC Job Board for a minimum of 5 calendar days. External advertising placements will be determined by the hiring manager
  7. Applications are reviewed and qualified by Campus HR.
  8. Qualified applicants are credentialed or scheduled for testing depending on position specifications.
  9. Names and job applications of top applicants forwarded to CAS Human Resources by Campus HR
  10. Job application information for individuals being interviewed forwarded electronically to the hiring manager.
  11. The department submits the date and time interviews were conducted to CAS Human Resources.
  12. The department submits hiring decision to CAS Human Resources. A salary justification letter is required for all hires above the minimum and will have to be approved by HR Compensation before proceeding with the offer.
  13. An offer is made to the selected candidate by Campus HR.
  14. If offer is accepted by selected candidate, the new hire will be given a start date upon clearing University Health Services. New hire paperwork completed with Campus HR Officer. Once appointment is active in Banner, benefits orientation session can be scheduled.