Campus Auxiliary Services - IT

New Employee Onboarding

The new hire IT onboarding process has been streamlined for units supported by CASIT. When possible, please begin this process two weeks prior to a new employee's start date. This process should be used for all new staff, excluding student employees. This process is designed to cover all tech-related needs and compliance requirements. For limited computer users, much of the form will be skipped. For those limited computer users, we will tailor the onboarding process to their needs. In those cases, there will likely be no in-person meeting.

The onboarding web form requests information in the following areas:

  • Employee information, including UIN, requested netid and a current non-UIC email address
  • Data security level
  • Telephone
  • Computer
  • E-mail system
  • Shared drive access
  • Enterprise application access

Please have appropriate information ready before starting the form as it cannot be saved and continued at a later time.

Upon submission, a ticket will be created with cc to the submitter and the new hire. CASIT will ask any follow up questions and complete all work necessary to prepare for the new staff member.

Prior to the new employee's start date, we ask that they review:

This form, signed by the employee and authorized departmental contact, must be submitted to CASIT on the employee's first day or prior.

Prior to the employee's first day, CASIT staff will work to schedule a time for the employee to visit the CASIT office on Student Center East's 8th floor and complete onboarding tasks. This will include:

  • Required compliance training
  • Activating an enterprise ID
  • Access tests
  • Setting up of e-mail on personal devices
  • Orientation to computing on campus

The final setup of the employee's computer in their workspace will complete the process. The length of this session will vary based on employee type.

Requirements in the UIC Security Policies, which went into effect in early 2015, require all employees to participate in data security training. This will change the process as those policies and associated training mature.

If you have questions, you can submit a ticket.

To begin the IT Onboarding process, complete the IT Onboarding form.