Student Affairs Technology

IT Onboarding for Units Served by Student Affairs Technology

The goal of the IT onboarding process is to streamline setup of technology resources and systems for new employees in Student Affairs departments. This process is designed to cover all tech-related needs and compliance requirements.

The onboarding web form requests information in the following areas:

  • Employee information, including UIN
  • Sensitive and high risk data security level
  • Telephone
  • Computer
  • Shared drive access
  • Enterprise application access

Please have appropriate information ready before starting the form as it cannot be saved and continued at a later time.

Supervisor/Manager Information

This form will create a ticket in order to correspond with the submitter. The submitter of the form should be the new employee's supervisor or a manager in the department with authority to request access to systems and applications.

* Name of Submitter:

* Email of Submitter:

Email must be a valid UIC email.

* Phone Number of Submitter:

Type a 5 digit campus extension in any format.

* Department of Submitter:

* C-FOAP (chart-fund-organization--program)

Required for billing related to computer and telecom needs. Quotes will be provided before purchases made.

New Employee Information

* Name of Employee:

* UIN:

* Title:

* Employee Type:

* Department of New Employee:

* Office Building and Room:

* Is Housing door access required?


*Is there an existing phone in place for this staff member?

If yes, a voicemail reset and assignment of the phone to the new employee will be requested.

* Campus Extension

* Telephone Restrictions

* Wall Jack Number

Please provide any information on any further or non-standard telecom needs.


* Computer user type:

Standard Computer Users will receive all appropriate training on data security and his/her responsibilities as a computer user at the University.

Limited Computer Users will receive abbreviated training appropriate to their role. They do not use a computer as a part of their regular work and require access only to check e-mail, interact with NESSIE or other administrative systems related to their employment. This type of user can never come in contact with any sort of sensitive data including: student data, financial data, credit card records, or health data.

* Does the employee have a computer assigned to them?

Reimage means the computer will have Windows reinstalled and programs set to default.

* Existing Computer Name

This information may be found on a sticker on the computer.

Please share any additional information related to this employee’s computer needs.

Please share any non-standard software that should be installed on the computer.

Please share any folders of department shared drives that this person requires access to:

Data Security

What types of sensitive data will the employee come in contact with as part of their job?

Enterprise Applications

Provide required forms or UIN of similar employee in order to duplicate access
Provide universes or UIN of similar user to model
iBuy Role(s), Spending/Approving Limits
iCS Role - Requires additional training
UIN of approver, Organization Code(s)
Provide information on Org Codes or other specific ViewDirect needs

Additional Information

Please submit any additional information not requested by the form

Prior to the new employee's start date, we ask that they review:

This form, signed by the employee and authorized departmental contact, must be submitted to CASIT on the employee's first day or prior.